Why The Scent™ ?

All our perfumed cards are the more beautiful and even more affordable alternative to the usual air fresheners … And they also last longer* because we use real perfume oil and in a higher concentration than other perfumed goods.

All perfumed cards come with a fine silk ribbon, which gives the whole an additional elegant touch.

Furthermore we also offer beautifully designed, handsewn, triple layered little The Scent™ protective bags for wardrobes, suitcases and shoes.

*The card last at least 5 weeks and up to 16 weeks, depending on the size of the room and if it’s used with the protective bag (it lasts longer).

How to use The Scent™ ?

Our products


Female energy

The pleasant fragrance stimulates the senses and promotes a positive basic mood.


A masterpiece

Oriental Sweet Perfume Card is truly a scent for the everyday woman who wants to evoke sexiness and power.


A clear announcement

The musk flower perfume card stands for glamor without false restraint. The fragrance you want to experience, Buy Now!


Strength & sensuality

The spicy Sea Victor Perfume gives every man the feeling of being invincible and at the same time underlines the sexy charisma of heroes.


Modern & independent

The world classics among the gentlemen’s gents convinces by pure masculinity and eroticism, coupled with sparkling freshness.


Taste of success

The Musky Venturer Perfume is a creation for men with ambitions and fun at risk. A tribute to the masculine icons of our time, Buy Now!