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CHF 7.90

Female energy

The pleasant fragrance stimulates the senses and promotes a positive basic mood.

CHF 7.90

A masterpiece

Oriental Sweet Perfume Card is truly a scent for the everyday woman who wants to evoke sexiness and power.

CHF 7.90

A clear announcement

The musk flower perfume card stands for glamor without false restraint. The fragrance you want to experience, Buy Now!

CHF 6.90

Be safe.

Get our beautifully designed, handsewn, triple layered little The Scent™ protective bag in pink for women for wardrobes, suitcases and shoes.

Original price was: CHF 23.70.Current price is: CHF 20.00.

Stronger together

Smart collection women perfumes; combine, improvise, and enjoy them to the fullest. These women perfumes are the more fascinating and cheaper alternative to the usual scents.

Original price was: CHF 59.20.Current price is: CHF 40.00.

Full Collection Perfumed Cards

Get it all for the full experience.

Full Collection Perfumed Cards (Women & Men) - Protective Bags FOR FREE (one pink & one black) Combine, improvise, and enjoy them to the fullest. The best of all, Buy Now!